Does the published price include transportation?

No. All product prices quoted are ex-works Seller’s site. Transportation can be either don by the buyer at his own cost or the buyer can request a quotation for door-to-door transportation including insurance, packing and customs.

How can I bid?

When you find the product you want to buy, you can make your bid in the product page. The Cirkla specialist team will accept or reject the bid. Make sure you ask for your transport and surveyor quotation, these services are charged at sight.

Do you recommend the Surveyor service?

Yes, we strongly recommend as a certified independent surveyor the product ship is according to specification, properly packing and will provide a report. It is important to ensure that goods purchase is according to specs.

When can I see my product on Cirkla site?

All secondhand products are manually validated by a Cirkla specialist team, this process can take 24h labor hours.

What kind of warranty have the products advertised?

This may vary product to product. You should ask Cirkla. However, despite most equipment is in good operational condition not all of them may have a manufacturers warranty. Although, it could be requested case by case.

Are the purchase products subject to be return to the seller?

It depends case by case if seller accepts returns, you have the information on the product page.

At some point can I check the product at seller’s location?

Yes, although it should be coordinated with Cirkla. However in order to save you time and money we can organize a live broadcast (via Zoom or Whatsapp Video Call) to see the product state.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact@cirkla.tech, we will support you as soon as possible.